There’s also the COVID factor, which has led retailers to slash prices to try to inspire consumer confidence, which has been waning throughout the pandemic. “These significant changes in price, and therefore margin, means that the retail accounting method will generate far less accurate inventory cost figures,” says Abir. Before making a decision about which inventory costing method to use for your taxes, speak with your accountant. They will be able to make a recommendation regarding which costing method is most favorable for your business. Gravel and sand retailers who sell materials by the ton often use the LIFO inventory costing method.


If not, then here is something you must not miss reading and understanding. In simple terms, it attaches a cost to specific items in your inventory, with the help of unique identifiers such as serial numbers. High ticket items such as automobiles are the ones to which such a specific identification method is used. This method effectively tones down tedious inventory costing tasks and makes them way far manageable.

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During the first quarter of the year, you buy more units for $2,500 and have $5,000 in sales. Every product you sell is similar enough that your retail price is always 30% above cost. Finally, many businesses will use a technique called the retail method.

It is accurate only when all pricing across the board is the same and all pricing changes occur at the same rate. The retail method is a quick and easy way of estimating ending inventory balance. A major advantage of this method is that it does not require a physical inventory. The central point of this method is estimating the retailer’s ending inventory balances. For this method, the retail amounts and the related cost amounts should be available for beginning inventory and purchases.

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Track all of your income as it comes in, and compare your records to bank statements regularly to spot any discrepancies. Sales revenue is the largest driver of income for a store, but you may have other sources of income, such as after-sale service fees, extended warranty sales or even consignment commissions. Otherwise, keep detailed receipts of all income and transfer the totals into your accounting system as often as possible. But then again, even though the choice of the inventory costing method is completely left to you, a word of warning from us is that it’s always best to consult your accountant. They can easily help you choose the one method best suited for your business.

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Yet another method of retail accounting that cannot be overlooked by any retail business…small, medium, or big! The only difference is that the LIFO inventory costing method is just the reverse of FIFO. It considers a process where the most recent items in the inventory are assumed to be the ones that get sold out first, hence the name. Now, if maths and finances aren’t necessarily your forte, you need retail accounting software for your small business.

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In 2012, she started Pocket Protector Bookkeeping, a virtual bookkeeping and managerial accounting service for small businesses. Another assumption that the FIFO accounting method assumes is that the valuation of any inventory left on hand at the end of the accounting period should be done at the most recent purchase price. Otherwise, there are chances of spoilage and lapsing expiry dates, which would without any doubt lead to it getting disposed off. Fanya Becker is a Synder expert with sound experience in consulting various clients on automation solutions. Professional accountants like to say that the tax season never ends.

What are the 5 basic accounts?

  • Assets.
  • Liabilities.
  • Expenses.
  • Income (Revenue)
  • Equity.

This real-time matching of the cost of goods sold with the sales records provides a quick tracking of gross margins and enables you to adjust retail strategies. AvidXchange is a cloud-based platform for managing invoices and accounts payable. Things can get super busy when you are in the retail business, so automation can be a real lifesaver for your accounting team. It includes advanced automation features like OCR technology, so you don’t have to spend hours doing manual data entry and can even lessen errors in paperwork. The best accounting software for retail is FreshBooks. Moreover, it supports various integrations to help you bring all your processes together in one system.

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The LIFO method assumes the most recent items entered into your inventory will be the ones to sell first. Track all resources put into the business by owners in a separate equity account, even if you run your store as a sole proprietor. Think of retained earnings as your store’s savings account.

Anything purchased at an older retail accounting would have been discarded due to spoilage and lapsing expiration dates. But in order to do this, you have to know the cost of your inventory. This brings us back to inventory valuation methods, including retail accounting.

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