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I am already now working for the new company and under their payroll however the letter stated that it is contingent upon a background check which will be conducted next week. I am thinking I should tell my manager ahead of time before this check. I do have a drivers license with an interlock device which comes off in March of 2015.

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In the majority of states, employers can see a candidate’s credit report before offering them a position, although they often don’t bother. You should probably tag this question with the country you’re asking about. If it’s the U.S., though, then, yes, they certainly can do this. In fact, both of the positions I was offered that required security clearances told me to not give notice at my previous employer until after the clearance was granted.

What Are The Reasons For A Failed Background Check?

Even if the background report company fixes the inaccuracy, you’ve still been harmed. The background check company might have caused you to lose a job. It might have caused your start date to be delayed, which means you are not earning income even though your bills are still coming due. The background check attorneys at Weiner & Sand have decades of experience litigating FCRA cases against employers and consumer reporting agencies. We have a nationwide practice and do not charge for consultations. Usually, failing an employment screening will mean that you need to find a different job.

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You should seek an attorney for a review of your specific facts and documents. You said yourself that your position does not require that you drive. So what legitimate non discriminatory reason could they have for ending your employment for a DUI conviction. However there maybe a ways to negotiate a “severance” package for you if the company decides to fire you on a background. DAVIS Companies specializes in finding job seekers best fit opportunities, not just open positions.

Can a Background Check Reveal if a Candidate Was Fired?

As it currently stands, this question is not a good fit for our Q&A format. We expect answers to be supported by facts, references, or expertise, but this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion. If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance. Use a search engine to look yourself up; if you’ve done something you’re not proud of in the past and it shows when your name is searched, you may want to bring it up at interview and fully explain the circumstances.

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You’ll want to carefully plan your next moves while at the same time ensuring that you have an exit that is seamless for all parties involved. Here are seven steps to take to smoothly propel yourself from your current situation into a cushy new gig. Incorrect Severity.It is inaccurate to report the wrong severity for a criminal charge or conviction.

What if Candidates Fail Background Checks After Job Offers?

This isn’t very believable, because it’s not something that occurs often. So you’re going to receive immediate doubt from a recruiter or hiring manager if you say this. So… even if you do decide to tell a “white lie” or stretch the truth when you explain why you were fired, I do not recommend saying that you and the employer both decided that it wasn’t working out . If you were fired for misconduct, it’s important to show the employer that you won’t have the same issues in your next job. So the best way to explain being fired is to say you made a mistake and you learned from it, and then give an example of how used the experience to improve and grow as a professional.

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Before this waiting time has elapsed, the employer cannot finalize any adverse decision based on the candidate’s background checks. The employer cannot formally rescind the candidate’s job offer or hire someone else until at least five business days have passed. Information gleaned in any of these categories could potentially constitute a “red flag” depending on the employer and position, and each could potentially be grounds for a failed background assessment.

Maybe you could have fired after background checked your situation and what you have done to remedy it. As with credit history, driving records are not something that every employer is going to look at. If you are going to be operating a vehicle as part of your job, then a driving history check should and will be a part of the applicant screening process. To help, GoodHire offers built-in tools and capabilities to help you manage employment screening easily from start to finish.

Background checks serve a crucial role when hiring candidates. While they can reveal some negative hits or results and raise red flags, it doesn’t always mean a firm refusal for the candidate. You need to carefully examine what is legal and what is not and base your decisions using fair hiring policies and individualized assessments. If the employer decides to retract a job offer after a failed background check, the candidate should be notified with an adverse action notice. The most critical thing to realize regarding passing or failing a background check is that every employer has slightly different standards.

Get in touch with us today to make an appointment or to request a quote. Many companies have policies that state they cannot disclose the reason past employees left the company. Instead, most prospective employers will provide start and end dates of employment and job titles.

Determining a Failed Background Check

Usually, simply having a criminal record doesn’t mean that you fail a background check. Because of guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission , employers are expected to assess the relevance of the criminal activity to the job at hand before making an adverse hiring decision. If you’re concerned that a previous termination will prevent you from getting the job you want, consider making a full disclosure once you get to the final phase of the selection process. This way, you have already demonstrated that you’re the best candidate. By coming forward with the information before the company does a background check or investigation, you show that you’re forthcoming.


If you find any incorrect information, you can contact the appropriate courts or departments to get everything fixed and put in proper order. As an employer, sometimes you need to withdraw a job offer, due to the results of a background check. The best way to inform the candidate is by sending a pre-adverse notice, giving them time to respond. If the response is not acceptable, send an adverse action notice. Each workplace requires a relaxing atmosphere for the employer and employee. But if you hire a person who is the wrong fit for the organization, it can only cause distress and shake the company to its core.

The reason you were given is that prior self-employment periods was not able to be verified which is not a very big deal. If the reason was something like previous criminal record, then you need to worry. The short answer is yes, they really can deny you employment based on your background check. They’re checking to see if you’ve been honest, and if you’re going to be a good fit for the company. Knowing more about what your background check will show will help you be better prepared to address any issues at your next interview and go for positions that are unlikely to be affected. To check what’s logged relating to your criminal history, you can run a criminal background check.

Often, these laws also bar employers from conducting background checks until after they have made a conditional job offer. The job offer is “conditional” because it depends on the outcome of the background screening. The employer still has the right to rescind the job offer and deny you employment if the background check gives them reasonable cause to take adverse action. In many jurisdictions, employers must follow “ban the box” legislation when designing their hiring process and screening policy.

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A matrix is a great tool to use for objectively identifying the best candidates for employment. To avoid unintended bias, job qualifications should be concise—without ambiguities—and equally applied to all candidates. If the candidate you want to hire was charged in the past with felony theft, it should immediately raise red flags. Depending on the business, hiring such a candidate can lead to theft of all sorts from the office or even colleagues. If you read everything above, then you now know how to explain being fired for performance or misconduct, and you’ve seen examples of how a good answer should sound.

And as Jane points out in her comment – once they find out about that discrepancy they will start to wondering what else you misrepresented. Again, your best chance is to come clean before they complete their checks – but I think you may have already muddied your reputation with this prospective employer. Tax records will also tell the company exactly when you stopped which job and when you started the new job, unless you and your company didn’t file any taxes, then you have other problems to worry about. I would say that you have virtually no chance of keeping your offer, but it’s still higher than if your prospective employer finds it out second hand.

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