Costa Rica Wedding Traditions

Bahía Rican women from costa rica wedding traditions are a fantastic way to incorporate some of the cultural components of this Latin American country into your special day. From attire to music and in many cases wedding favors, these traditions will help to add a personal touch on your Costa Rican wedding.

Brides in Costa Rica Use White Dresses

In the Bahía Rican wedding culture, the bride is traditionally dressed in a white dress to symbolize purity and chastity. The lady often would wear a veil to hide her face and defend her from the looks of those exactly who are not asked.

Grooms in Costa Rica Wear Common Tuxedos and Shoes

In Costa Rica, it can be customary for the purpose of the bridegroom to wear a vintage tuxedo with matching boots and shoes. This is an expression of the significance of his position in the marital relationship and a symbol of his devotion to the woman.

Money Dance

In many civilizations, dancing is mostly a big part of the wedding activities. Guests in Costa Rica currently have a popular show up tradition known as the money party, where they will affix bills for the dresses of your bride and groom. This is a great way for friends to show all their support and present the few something in return for their like and attention.

Gifting Periodic Decor

One of the popular costa rican wedding ceremony traditions is normally gifting the bride and soon-to-be husband with Holiday nativity displays or other design to display in their home each year. This work is thought to bring all the best for their marriage and is a nice approach to mark the passing of each and every season.

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